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The heap is a list of links to recipes which, you, dear readers, are responsible for creating! Recipes are in no particular order. (Right now, there aren't any.) You're encouraged to cut and paste this recipe template to structure your contributions.

If you have put a recipe here and it is gone, DON'T PANIC!

One of two things have happened:

  • We liked your recipe, and have moved it into the main body of the book. Look for it there.
  • We had to edit the volume of recipes, and yours did not make the cut. This is probably not because we didn't like it, but rather because we could not fit it into the structure of the book. What we will try and do is place those recipes into an "Extra Recipes" section, from where we would encourage the author to contribute them to the community. And yes, we will do this to our own recipes as well.

And now the recipes:

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