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This is a page where you can list problems that they want solved. If you give us enough information to contact you (I recommend the |me| AT |domain| convention), we'll be glad to send you the solution, if we can come up with one, and have you verify that the solution works. Otherwise, you'll have to wait until you see it in the book.

For now, we'll start with a simple list; just add your requests to this page. In the future, we may need to impose some order. Please, if you're a contributor and not an author, DO NOT take it upon yourself to impose this order! That's our job.

Contributors: In addition to this page, please also look at the outline to see topics that we're interested in covering.

  • How to use SIPp to Stress an Asterisk server, from scratch to final results interpretation: SIPp results, top command line, and Asterisk Max load reliability, load average values and their interpretation.
  • Monitoring Load Average on your server to STOP accepting incoming calls on your Dialplan, presenting a message to final user.
  • How to implement queues and agents, without using AgentLogin, AgentCallBackLogin, AgentLogoff, AgentCallBackLogoff. Asterisk Queues using AddQueueMember (David Van Ginneken davevg at and Realtime Queue and Agent Management
  • Load balancing solutions, using proxies, operational system monitoring, etc.
  • Using the Local channel to generate auto dial calls (via .call files or manager API Originate action) Initiating a call from a script (AMI)
  • How to setup Asterisk Voicemail to work with an IMAP server(ie. MS Exchange, Dovecot): Storing Voicemail on an IMAP server
  • How to make a predictive dialer whit asterisk (ddfire at
  • How to make an asterisk cluster (ddfire at
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